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Construction of the road started

This week, the side stones of the road were laid out. We removed part of the fence for the road construction, and then we put the fence back again during the weekend.

Monday 20 November

We went to our sheep to correct Hannah's left hoof this morning. It was between dark and dusk, so it was not an ideal situation concerning light, but we did what we could. We both had rain pants on because the sheep's fur was soaking wet, and it was slightly annoying to get completely wet when working with the sheep. We got Hannah into our sheep chute.

I worked from home, and DW used public transportation to the office.

Tuesday 21 November

I worked at the office, and DW worked from home. I picked up the car at the nearby school. It is a vast parking lot. It was misty this morning. I wonder if we will get used to parking here. The road construction will take several weeks.

In the evening, I went out together with colleagues. We went to a restaurant. It was nice. I had a vegetarian beat burger; it was delicious.

I do not often walk in the city center in the evening. Today, I got a message from the road workers that our fence was blocking work along the side of the road. We can fix that tomorrow.

Wednesday 22 November

The road workers started early, before dawn. They are preparing the side of the road so that they can lay out the side stones.

Later, on the same morning, they started to lay out our side stones. It is heavy work, but they also have machines to do the heavy lifting.

I worked from home for the first half. After lunch, we unmounted the fence parts along the road. Now, we will not get any complaints that we are obstructing the progress of the road.

Hannah is getting better in her hoof. Although the big wound was healed, I found a tiny crust. Can it be so that the healing process inside is still not entirely finished?

Thursday 23 November

We both worked at our offices. On our walk to the school in the morning, we met a neighbor halfway who offered us to park our car in his driveway. That was convenient; it would shorten the walk to the car by half.

It was late when we came home.

Friday 24 November

I worked from the office. DW worked from home. Over the day, the weather was not that bad. In the evening, it was windy, and it rained.

We got plants from this year's planting activities. DW ordered plants a couple of months ago. She ordered 25 Hawthorn (Meidorn 2 steilig), Sweet chestnut (Tamme kastanje), 10 Myrica gale (Gagel).

My plan with the fluid simulations was to make a high-resolution version. That will take a longer time. At work, we are arranging for me to play a DJ set on 8 December, and for that occasion, I want to have a fluid simulation in the visual effects program. Because of that, I stopped working on the high-resolution version and started integrating a lower-resolution version into the vfx program.

It is still fascinating, so I am okay with that. I got the core of the program working. I let the bass frequency band inject red smoke, and other frequencies inject other colors. The colored fluids crash into each other, and it is intriguing to look at.

I noticed that the program stopped being responsive to user interface interaction, and that is a sign that the UI thread is doing too much of the calculations. I must create a new thread doing the visual effects calculations, transfer the finished picture to the user interface, and draw it there.

Saturday 25 November

This morning, DW went to the wool course for the last time on this course. The students were happy and will now practice wool spinning on their own.

I went out on our property and repaired the hay shed. The wind had ripped up the tarp on one side. I fastened the temporary sheep net passing the driveway. Usually, I have been banging the sticks into the gravel, but this time I took another approach. I made planks with holes that fit the sticks, and then I put weight on the planks. I also put back fence parts along the road. This way, if we want to let the sheep grace in front of the house, they can do so. It feels great that we had the area sealed before the end of the week.

DW came back from the course at lunchtime.

I worked on the fluid simulations. I managed to migrate the calculations to a separate thread and feed images to the screen via a queue. I had a little issue with flickering, but that could also be solved. When it worked, I wanted to know if the entire set-up was still working, so I hooked up the DJ controller and started the beamer. I figured that the beamer was too loud. We have a separate big screen at work, so I can use that instead. Then, I tried to run the VFX program on my blog laptop. It worked in general, but the microphone produced a slightly different result. Perhaps this other laptop has another noise pattern? I will look into that.

Sunday 27 November

We were late this morning. I was still in bed drinking tea and blogging when a neighbor called me. He wanted to bring back our auger drill.

We had breakfast, and then the neighbor came with the drill. After that, we sent out on our property to plant 25 Hawthorn. We also planted 1 Gale and got 5 sea buckthorns from the neighbor. We planted these along the west side of the property, on the dyke. This part already has similar plants, but we wanted this area to become fuller. I discovered that the neighbor on that side had planted something delicious for our sheep behind their fence, but our sheep could reach through it. Please remind me to fix that issue before letting out the sheep in this area.

Next up for planting were the sweet chestnut trees. We already have sweet chestnuts along the road, but perhaps they will die if someone needs to dig along the road; we don't know. Because of this, we decided on a second row of chestnut trees along the road, but then between the current row and further away from the road. Some trees will be inside the sheep area, so we need sheep protection. We found that it is sufficient with a net around the tree. The nets we had had already been used in previous sheep protection constructions, so we had to go and get more nets.

No problem. Many shops are open on Sundays here, so we could go there and get more nets, but those things take time. We walked via the DWZ to our neighbor, where we parked our car. At the car, we switched from our wellingtons to regular shoes. From there, the journey is ordinary. Since we were near the second-hand shop, we had a peek in there as well, and when we were done with that, the dusk had set in. It rained. No more planting of chestnut trees today.

Here ends this week's blog.

I was born 1967 in Stockholm, Sweden. I grew up in the small village Vågdalen in north Sweden. 1989 I moved to Umeå to study Computer Science at University of Umeå. 1995 I moved to the Netherlands where I live in Almere not far from Amsterdam.

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I create, that is my hobby.